Look, this movie actually looks funny enough. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz playing a couple who attempt to spice up their stalled sex life by filming a sex tape that they plan on promptly deleting, but run into issues when they realize it's been uploaded to the iCloud? Hilarious! Even better: Not only do they have access to their iCloud, but so do their family members, kids, co-workers, friends, and mailman! ALL CAPS HILARIOUS—and, considering how confusing the iCloud actually is (WHERE DOES ALL THE DATA EVEN GO), totally plausible. After all, we've all heard the stories of people getting their iPhones stolen, only to see every photo the thief takes uploaded to their laptop through iCloud.

But putting all that aside...in order for this film's plot to work, it means that they basically bought every single one of their friends, family, kids, and mailman brand new iPads ("It was Christmas!" Segel exclaims in the trailer). Who is rich enough for that? I, for one, am quite interested to see what these characters do for a living so I can do that and be that rich.

Just sayin'.

You can check out the (red band, which means NSFW!) trailer below.

[via Vulture]