Prom season is rapidly approaching, forcing many teens into a frenzy of preparation for the school year's apexaside from graduation, of course. One California teen crossed the line and now faces deportation for selling brownies laced with marijuana to pay for her prom dress

Sara Munoz of Yuba City, Calif. badly wanted to attend to River Valley High School's prom, but didn't have the money for a dress. With resources scarce, she elected to hold a bake sale and recruited another student to peddle her pot brownies. However, a student was hospitalized after unknowingly consuming the edibles, exposing Munoz's operation.

Munoz, who was 18 at the time, was charged with employing a minor to sell marijuana. A judge sentenced her to nine days in jail on Monday, but she was given credit for time served. She'll also spend the next four years on probation, but that's the least of her concerns.

The crime revealed that the Mexican native came to the U.S. in 2000 with just temporary permission. Her felony may result in her deportation, which makes not having the cash for a prom dress completely irrelevant in the grand scheme.

[via Local 8]

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