After an announcement last year saying that online functionality for Insomniac's Resistance trilogy for PS3 would be taken down this Spring, all three PS3 titles will be rendered multiplayer and co-op-less April 8. It's just as well, one supposes, given that Insomniac officially said they were done with the series in 2012, leaving only the Vita title Burning Skies as any part of the franchise legacy that still has any operational online component.

If you're a fan of the games or have fond memories of multiplayer bouts, why not jump online and have a final farewell match? There are certainly less fitting ways of a game bowing out. (Of course you can still play the single-player campaign after Tuesday if you're feeling nostalgic.) Since Sony doesn't seem particularly interested in pursuing further Resistance titles, fans may as well as well enjoy this swan song while they can.

[Via Gamespot