Even if you haven’t been to prison, you probably know that solitary confinement is not a good thing. Undoubtedly, it will mess with your head and can make even the sanest person go a little crazy.

Well, it appears that the opening scene from season two of Orange is the New Black lines right up with that theory, as Entertainment Weekly bestowed upon us an exclusive clip from the first episode of Netflix’s hit series. Piper is locked up in isolation, and appears to be passing her time by reading and also smearing her meals on the wall in the shapes of various flora and fauna.

While it’s only 51 seconds, this first look is still enjoyable:

Hopefully this (and a few other clips that we assume will follow) are enough to keep Orange is the New Black fans satisfied until the full season is released on Netflix this June. If not, you can follow Piper’s lead and start experimenting with your food.

[via Gawker]