Police in New York City say a man slashed a masseuse because she refused to give him a happy ending. 

Kenneth Lee, 29, reportedly met the 21-year-old woman at an apartment she rented through Airbnb on March 22 after replying to her Backpage.com ad. They initially got into an argument about price, but things really soured when Lee demanded that she pleasure him. When she refused, he allegedly pulled out a boxcutter and sliced her right arm. 

Lee fled, stealing a taxi cab as the driver—who left the keys in the ignition—ate pizza not too far away. Police tracked the vehicle to Sunnyside, Queens, where Lee was arrested and charged with attempted robbery and assault.

What's more, he's been linked to the assault of a 59-year-old delegate for the Chinese consulate. Police say a day prior, Lee punched the woman, then ran off with her pocketbook. He was charged with robbery, and the New York Post adds that he may have other pending charges in New Jersey.

[via Gothamist and New York Post]