A very short teaser has popped up online this week on Codemasters' Grid Youtube channel, making it highly likely that the longtime racing developer is announcing something related to the series – most likely the next game in the series – on April 22. The teaser offers very little in ways that aren't car sounds, only offering the tagline "racing is coming".

Then again, "racing is coming" is specific enough that one would be hard pressed to identify it as anything else, considering the teaser was released on the Grid Youtube channel. Barring a left-field announcement that Codemasters is entering the real world of automotive racing with a Grid-branded formula one car or something, it's pretty likely the new Grid will be announced in some fashion next week. Will it be next-gen? Bets say yes.

In any case, a new Grid out of the door in the near future means that a next-gen Dirt 4 might also be well in the works, which is really what we should all be hoping for. More as it develops.

[Via Youtube