Wizards' player Marcin Gortat says there should be more fighting in the NBA just like there is at hockey games. So Sports Illustrated mocked-up some ball players and had them beat the living crap out of each other in Electronic Arts' NHL14.

Russell Wesbrook and Patrick Beverley get to duke it out to a sad conclusion while Metta World Peace does his name proud and beats the shit out of Tyler Hansbrough. There are a couple of epic match-ups including Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett that must be seen. Best of all, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban takes on commissioner David Stern.

You can almost here Stern yelling “fine!” in-between Cuban trying to feed him his fist.

During the game. Quick, 15-20 seconds, throw few punches, then referees jump in and break this thing up. I think the game … these two guys, they resolved their problem. They’re both suspended and they’re leaving. But end of the day, they fix the problem between each other, fans are super excited, and I think that would be a pretty cool idea [chuckles].” - Marcin Gortat

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[via Sports Illustrated]