This daily dose of "What the fuck, Florida?!" comes courtesy of a woman who drove her car through a CVS earlier this week. 

Margaret Underwood, who had driven her husband to a Winter Haven, Fla. CVS on Apr. 2, was backing out of a parking spot when she struck another vehicle. Her husband went to check on the other vehicle, and as the 84-year-old Underwood was driving back into the parking spot, she inexplicably continued to accelerate and plowed through the store. 

Adrienne Watkins, 80, was at the front counter and narrowly avoided being struck by Underwood, whose vehicle ended up 25 feet inside of the store. Even as it came to a stop, its wheels were still spinning 

In total, roughly $65,000 worth of damage was done and Underwood was charged with improper backing and careless driving.

[via Gawker and WTSP