Want to know how to make sure a woman never forgets you? Steal her dog and television on your first date, and you'll stand out forever. 

A New Jersey woman claims that a man stole her beloved pet and TV in the midst of their initial date. As you've probably guessed, she met him online. She went out with "Joel" on Thursday and after being preoccupied in another room in her Dover, N.J. home, she returned to find that he had vanished with her Yorkie Violet and $3,000 flat screen. 

No doubt a little bit embarrassed, the woman called police, who asked for the public's assistance in locating Joel. There's a silver lining here: the dog and the television were returned yesterday morning, both in good condition. 

Joel is still at large, and hopefully the woman is a little bit more selective with potential online suitors. Obviously, just because a guy drives a Benz doesn't mean that he won't steal from you.

[via The Daily Record of Parsippany]