A high school student from Long Island has been accepted to every Ivy League school. Yes, all eight of them. 

The Associated Press reports that William Floyd High School senior Kwasi Enin applied to each school and has been receiving a rewarding stream of acceptance letters since March 27.

After hearing "yes, you got in" from the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Brown and Columbia, Enin was left stunned. He told the Associated Press that his initial reaction was "this can't be happening." Oh, but it did.

Enin put in work to achieve this, scoring a 2,250 out of 2,400 on the SAT, placing him in the 99th percentile of all students.

Enin's next challenge will be picking a school after weighing the financial aid options available to him. That's one of those goods problems.

[via ABC News]