Perhaps a Kansas man currently facing first-degree murder charges regrets the "MURDER" tattoo on his neck. 

Next week, Jeffrey Chapman's murder trial is slated to begin. Chapman stands accused of killing a man back in 2011, then leaving the body in a ditch where hunters discovered it. In the wake of his situation, Chapman's tattoo is a pretty bad look, to say the least. 

His attorney wants the state to allow a tattoo artist to remove or cover the unfortunate tattoo, which, of course, prosecutors refuse to do. In the state of Kansas, tattoo artists are only allowed to work at a list of licensed places, i.e. not a jail cell.

According to team Chapman, the tattoo has nothing to do with the case, but could easily sway jurors. Compassionate prosecutors agreed, so they told Chapman to wear a turtleneck or something to hide it. The lesson here is to think long and hard about your tattoos, because who knows what might happen.

[via Gawker and New York Daily News]

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