While everyone is clamoring to get as much information as they can on the design of the next iPhone, here's one piece of info that might ruin your day. Well, if you're impatient, that is: the 5.5-inch model of the iPhone might be delayed... until next year.

While the 4.7-inch model is on schedule, with production of the display to start next month, the production of the 5.5-inch model isn't all that easy. Reuters is reporting that the device could be delayed for months after the smaller model's release in September, due to difficulties in making the in-cell technology for the phone.

Don't give your hopes up: regardless of its possible delay, Tim Cook might show us both models when he calls for a press conference for their unveiling, as he usually does — but that won't even be until a few months from now, delay or not. Either way, better hold that 5S tightly, those one year Apple Care warranties are half-way up. 

[via Reuters]