One of the biggest criticisms thrown at Joss Whedon’s Avengers was that there were simply too many characters involved in the plot. Unfortunately, this meant that heroes like the Hulk and, most notably, Hawkeye were left as an afterthought until the film’s grand finale.

Thankfully in an interview with JoBlo, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige assured fans that both of those heroes will play a huge role in the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron. When asked if the Hulk would ever get his own solo film again, Feige explained:

It’s a good question. I would love to do that with Mark Ruffalo. But part of the fun of AGE OF ULTRON was saying, you’ve seen another IRON MAN adventure before, you see another THOR adventure and another CAP adventure, but we haven’t seen the Green Goliath again. So that was important in the characters you haven’t seen – Hulk being one of them and Hawkeye being one of them – ULTRON will make up for it. They have very big parts in AGE OF ULTRON.

That’s good news in the sense that Hulk and Hawkeye will be able to grab some spotlight from Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. It’s bad news because it really seems like a new Hulk movie is the furthest thing from Feige’s mind at the moment. Fans of the Green Goliath will simply have to make due with what they’re given in Age of Ultron.

Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters on May 1, 2015.

[via JoBlo]