A Florida man who does not believe in God thinks he's entitled to an attorney with similar beliefs after mistaking his roommate for Jesus Christ and attacking him. 

The Orlando Sentinel reports that 51-year-old Gustav Potthoff first hurled a glass at Raymond Hernandez, then tried to stab him with a butter knife as Hernandez watched television in their Orlando home. Potthoff denied throwing the glass, because that's apparently beneath him. 

Potthoff, an atheist, has requested a lawyer who thinks like him, claiming it's "just [his] human rights]" because he's "allowed to be with someone of [his] own kind." The Sentinel says a judge basically told Pothoff, who's broke, that beggars can't be choosers: Pay for an atheist lawyer if you want one, or deal with a public defender in your price range.

Otherwise, he'll be with his own kindcriminalsin jail.

[via Orlando Sentinel]

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