Yeah, so that happened last night.

And by "that," of course, we're referring to what's certainly one of the most disturbing things that's ever happened on Game of Thrones. Which is saying a ton, since HBO's consistently shocking series once showed a pregnant woman getting stabbed to death in the belly, not to mention a different woman eating a raw stallion heart like it was a slab of BBQ ribs. In last night's episode, "Breaker of Chains," Game of Thrones did for sex what it did for pregnancy and dinner in those moments—right next to Joffrey's corpse, Jaime (a.k.a. Joffrey's biological father) forcefully raped Cersei, his sister (and, indeed, Joffrey's mother).

Let that sink in, people—a brother raped his sister next to their dead, product-of-incest son.

If the headline for this post were "Last Night's Biggest Perverted Savage," your boy Jaime "Anytime, Anyplace" Lannister would unarguably be the champ. But, alas, it's all about badasses here, and sexually violating your sister in front of her lifeless baby boy is the extreme opposite of badass.

You know what is most definitely badass, though? Not backing down in front of the usually in-command and untouchable Tywin Lannister. And for that, Oberyn Martell takes the prize this week.

Normally, when Tywin enters a room, sonnings are inevitable. Around his children, (Tyrion, Cersei, and Jaime), he's the intimidating, my-way-or-the-guillotine hard-ass to whom none of them can argue against or show any kind of defiance, lest they harshly get put in their places. In the cocksure, goes-both-ways-in-the-sack Oberyn, however, Tywin has come up against someone who's just as, if not even more, self-assured than himself.

It doesn't hurt that Oberyn establishes his confidence by anchoring a bedroom orgy just as Tywin pays him a visit. Tywin's there to, at first, inquire about what Oberyn and Tyrion discussed back in the season premiere, to which the now-clothed Oberyn mentions the rape and murder of his sister, a tragedy for which he blames the Lannisters, specifically Tywin. But he's also too smart to act irrationally. "If cut your throat today, I'll be drawn and quartered tomorrow," says Oberyn, standing all up in Tywin's grill.

Tywin quickly lets Oberyn know the main reason why he interrupted the sex-fest. Since Tywin is Tywin, it's to initiate a plan that will benefit Tywin greatly. The almost certainly innocent Tyrion's trial for Joffrey's murder has been scheduled for a "fortnight," and, per the Westerosi custom, there will be three judges: Tywin, Mace Tyrell, and, if the elder Lannister gets his way, Oberyn. That way, Tywin will have someone else vouching for Tyrion's innocence, thus sparing him from losing another member of House Lannister.

There's something in it for Oberyn, too—if he agrees to hold down the third judge's seat, Tywin help him get vengeance against Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, his sister's killer.

Oberyn would be a fool not to accept Tywin's deal, and, since Grandpa Lannister ultimately has the upper hand in this situation, one might be inclined to give him, not Oberyn, the "Biggest Badass" recognition here. But in the last shot we see of them together, Tywin's hand is extended toward Oberyn, and when was the last time Tywin showed anyone on Game of Thrones that kind of on-equal-ground respect? Especially someone who's only been on-screen for about ten minutes total?

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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