Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley copied an unsuspecting woman's bib number so his wife could run in the Boston Marathon

The woman whose bib he copied, Karen Anderson, discovered that a woman was wearing her number after she finished the race and collected her medal and official photos, which came with pictures of someone who wasn't her. "I was a little dumbstruck," said Brown. "I didn't get it at first. I said Marathonfoto must have gotten me confused with someone else." The bib of the woman had her Twitter handle on it, which Brown searched for online. She then saw that the woman, Chelsa Crowley, had tweeted that she was looking for a bib, and someone else tweeted back: "Fake bib? 34033."

Chelsa replied, "Shhh."

"It was pretty easy to figure out that someone just made a fake bib," Brown said. 

The Boston Athletic Association said they will take "full consideration to the impact of cheating on those who have worked so hard to qualify and those who give so much of themselves to raise money for our outstanding local charities."  

[via WCVB]