The machines are finally rising up and attacking humans, and apparently they're kamikazes: A triathlete in Australia was reportedly taken down after a drone fell from the sky and crashed into her just as she was about to finish the race.

The drone was being piloted by a local photographer who was flying the drone 10 meters above the race, when the minimum height a drone must be is 30 meters away from people. The photographer says that someone in the crowd had taken control over the drone, and probably used a smartphone to hack into the controls. The photographer also says that the drone didn't crash into the runner, Raija Ogden, and instead crashed a few feet away from her, while others say it hit her directly.

"I have lacerations on my head from the drone and the ambulance crew took a piece of propeller from my head," she said.

"My hair was completely red with blood. I didn't hit the ground.

"I sat down because I just thought I was going to pass out."

Ogden ended up getting stitches to close up a wound on her head.

More as the story develops...

[via BBC]