Video of a man being arrested by a Jeffersons Parish Sheriff's Department officer has resulted in outrage since going viral. 

Donrell Breaux, 26, of River Ridge, La. claims he was the victim of an unlawful arrest after the officer forced his way Breaux's home, then forcibly handcuffed him on March 30. The video, captured by Breaux's friend Eric Banegas, shows a clearly terrified Breaux repeatedly telling the officer "You're scaring me" and asking him "Why are you doing this?" 

At one point, Breaux pleads with the officer, begging him not to shoot him. The officer can be seen ordering Banegas to leave, to which Banegas replies "But this is my house."

According to the Times-Picayune, Breaux was charged with resisting arrest with violence, disorderly conduct, battery of a police officer and disturbing the peace. Breaux said the incident stems from an issue with a neighbor, who is friends with the arresting officer: 

Breaux said he and Banegas were standing on Banegas' front porch and talking. He admits to using profanity, but said they were cracking jokes amongst themselves. "It wasn't to the point that we were loud and disturbing people," Breaux said.

The neighbor walked out of his house and warned the two to watch their language. Breaux said the neighbor was belligerent, prompting a brief verbal confrontation that ended with the neighbor telling them he was calling the police.

"He threatens to call the police all the time about stuff in the backyard and stuff going on inside the house. Things like there's too many cars in the driveway," Breaux said. He felt the neighbor was out of line.

About 10 to 12 minutes later, a deputy arrived and spoke for a few minutes with the neighbor, according to Breaux. "Then, he's grabbing my hoodie with handcuffs out. He said, 'Let me see some I.D.,' and grabs my wrist and says, 'You're under arrest,' at the same time," Breaux said. "I thought it was unlawful."

Breaux told the Times-Picayune he's trying to secure an attorney, but is having issues with money. "I feel this is wrong because they do this all the time and nobody ever has it on video. I feel it's a problem with the police and people not knowing their rights," he added.

As of this morning, the Jeffersons Parish Sheriff's Department Office had not commented on the matter.

[via Times-Picayune]