Eve Online developer CCP throws a pretty awesome fanfest every year in its home country of Iceland for the massive online space combat game. However this year they are upping the ante as the developer has tapped UFC fighter Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson to beat the crap out of some of its employees. 

Just check out the press release from CCP:

The shadowy, morally questionable program reportedly mixed genetic manipulation and intense psychological training over many years and was designed to prepare several of CCP’s video game development staff for actual physical combat against Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson. They will face off in the EVE OF DESTRUCTION event held during on Friday night of the three-day long EVE Fanfest 2014.
Nelson, a world class Brazillian jiu-jitsu specialist, is arguably the greatest champion to arise from Iceland’s rich Viking heritage in the past several centuries. He responded to the news with a cold, emotionless stare.

Talk about work-place stress. Nelson has been in and out of the mixed martial arts world for years, but with a record of 12-0-1 he's got nothing to prove. CCP will test the limits of its Icelandic Viking heritage, and socialized medicine, when it streams the May 2 battle live on Twitch. Need another reason to go to the fanfest? I recommend floating in a thermal spring drinking Viking Beer and charging down a mountain on an Icelandic Pony pretending your chasing Catholics.

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[via Uproxx]