You're on your way home on a ink-black night from another long, hard day of surviving the zombie apocalypse when you run into a lone traveler. He's wearing a bag over his head and swinging a lamp while calmly strolling down the center of the street. He greets you, welcomes you warmly and then gives you a copy of Moby Dick. Just another perfectly normal evening in DayZ.

I've tried really hard to play DayZ yet whether it's because of bad luck or my easy-going avatar nature, I keep meeting the creepiest players. I've been sang at, force-fed, kidnapped, randomly handcuffed and shot on sight so many times that the boiling hot water from the shower can no longer remove the feeling of shame and abuse I've been dealt. Don't believe me? Watch this creepy as hell clip above and hit the links below. Sweet dreams.

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