News broke out yesterday afternoon that David Letterman will be retiring after 31 years on television. The legendary talk show host, famously known for the ratings war against Jay Leno, will be retiring from The Late Show chair come 2015, at which point CBS will have to fill his spot with a replacement (unless they concede late night to NBC and ABC, which isn't likely to happen.) So who will it be? Some young up-and-coming comedian? A woman? Twitter had a few ideas: here are 19 People Twitter Thinks Should Replace David Letterman on The Late Show.

Edward Snowden Cuban Twitter Patton Oswalt Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan
Joel McHale Conan O'Brien Rasheed Wallace Amy Poehler Fashion Bros. Don Lemon TerRio Eric Andre Desus Hot Pocket Fucker This Guy Louis C.K. Jon Stewart

Some White Male 

Jay Leno?

Interestingly enough, not very many people said Craig Ferguson, who follows David Letterman with The Late Late Show (since 2005.) Who do you think should take over?