It's been revealed that a California man incarcerated for cocaine trafficking is a fan of Scarface. How unsurprising. 

Cesar Anguiano of Ontario, Calif. was arrested on Mar. 25 for transporting 15 kilos of coke intended for Mark Walker to Ohio. Police found 15 bricks in a car being driver by the 35-year-old's brother, as well as over $275,000 in a car that Anguiano was driving.

Because authorities are all about using social media against suspects these days, they want Facebook information from Anguiano's account to be saved so they can use it as evidence of correspondence with Walker. For the record, Walker has been charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine. 

What they also found while scrolling through Anguiano's Facebook acount was a picture of him in front of a Scarface poster in his home. Incriminating? Let law enforcement officials tell it, yes.

[via The Smoking Gun]