Sadly, not even high-ranking city officials can get it together in Florida, as details about the arrest of a former purchasing director reveal that he hid a glass pipe containing methamphetamine in his rectum prior to being arrested

Back in December, former Hialeah city purchaser Carlos López was arrested after police in Fort Lauderdale watched him suspiciously drive up tp a group of men who scattered like roaches when they approached. Police noted that López, 45, was sweaty, slurring his words and "visually shaken," which was probably because he was under the influence of something at the time. 

A canine unit eventually located a jar containing meth in his vehicle, but that wasn't even the biggest find of the evening: López admitted to placing a small glass pipe of meth in his rectum as he was being pulled over. He was taken to a hospital where the pipe was safely removed. 

Lópezwho was suspended for nearly a month in 2005 for drug usewas not fired, he was instead transferred to a leadership position in the Public Works department. Oh, the benefits of having friends in high placesno pun intended.

[via CBS Miami]

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