Look, I know what you're thinking: There can only be one winner of the Iron Throne! Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder. Other fancy Game of Thrones references I can't be bothered to look up online right now! But hear me out: Westeros would be in much better shape if the rule was shared between four reasonable, tough, smart, intelligent ladies, each naturally bearing qualities that are important for a good leader to possess.

Really, how many people have died on this show since it started three years ago? Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, Robb Stark, Catelyn Stark, about a couple hundred people in Blackwater—and that's only skimming the surface. There have been 5,179 deaths so far on Game of Thrones, and certainly as the new season continues on, there are going to be many more. And if Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Margaery Tyrell were all ruling over the land, that number would be around 200.

Or maybe more. I don't know what the rate of, say, the bubonic plague or dysentery was in ancient Westeros.

You know there's a problem when more people are being murdered than are dying of the black plague in ancient times. There's no vaccine for anything, and people are dying of murder? That's not how a well-functioning society before the invention of the iPhone should be running! And so, a change in rulership is just what the Seven Kingdoms need to lower their ridiculously high mortality rate. 

Still not convinced? Let me break it down for you.

Sansa could rule the throne:

In my perfect little world, all four of them would be the faces of the flawless nation known as Westeros. But, of course, there would need to be one who stands out as the ruler of the Iron Throne itself. Who would actually sit on the thing like the regal, awesome Queen Bee she is? 

The answer here is obvious: no one as has as much grace, charisma, or cunning as Sansa Stark.

First of all, she's kind, and reasonable. When Joffrey was trying to have the knight Dontos, who lost a duel, executed, Sansa immediately jumped in and used Joffrey's own logic against him to spare the man's life: living as a fool in the court would be much more of an appealing punishment than just killing him, she said. The man was spared, and Joffrey felt as if he'd still done his sociopathic deed of the day.

Secondly, she's poised and graceful, just like the face of any country should be. Look at the UK, with their royal family: Kate Middleton is the picture of polished, and her hair isn't half as shiny or luscious as Sansa's ginger mane of wonder.

Seriously, what does she use for conditioner in ancient Westeros? The tears of everyone who wishes they could be half as flawless as her?

Thirdly, and most importantly, Sansa is the most mature and cunning of them all. Homegirl has been living in King's Landing for a while now, and, as anyone who's watched even five minutes of the show can attest to, that's tough when your family is considered traitors and you're married to the black sheep of the Lannister family. Especially when she was engaged to marry King JoffreySansa had to quickly learn to be cunning in secret to ensure her own survival. She quickly learned how to manipulate those who were a threat around her into not seeing her as a threat. Case in point: Before the battle of Blackwater, when Sansa asks if Joffrey will be fighting in the vanguards with the other soldiers:


His skull's so thick, he can't see that she's DELIBERATELY TRYING TO GET HIM TO DIE. It's genius. Also, aww, Robb.

Margaery would give King's Landing some much-needed good PR:

Remember when Margaery was walking around King's Landing with her handmaidens, then decided she wanted to head into a shitty neighborhood to talk with the impoverished residents of the capital in an effort to get them to like her? People ate that shit right up, and though Joffrey may have been perplexed...

...it was an important part of getting people on her side in a time when the Lannisters were regarded as terrible folks in King's Landing (well, really, all of Westeros).

Margaery has a certain charming nature that's clear whenever she speaks. Similar to Sansa, Joffrey's bride-to-be knows how to manipulate people, but she does it in a way that's more charismatic that Sansa. Whereas Sansa is trying to keep her head down and survive, Margaery wants the power—and she wants Joffrey to feel like he's giving it to her of his own accord.

We saw it when she was married to Renly and was totally fine with him banging her brother, Loras, as long as he stayed with her for appearances and the title. And now, going into her marriage to JoffreyMargaery is prepared to do whatever it takes to not only get in his good graces, but to get him to actually like her.

And, you know, if he dies...

In a position of making sure Westeros doesn't look shitty, Margaery would undoubtedly excel. If she's able to make the Lannisters look better, she can tackle handle anything.

Daenerys could lead the army, and make strategic decisions to ensure people don't get homicidal with each other:

Daenerys is dead set on reclaiming the throne once stolen from her family, the Targaryens, which adds to her reputation as a badass. She doesn't take anyone's shit, and, let's not forget, she's the damn mother of dragons. When it comes to what role in rulership she would be best at, the answer is undoubtedly commander-in-chief of the leadership's army. 

Again, she has dragons. Case closed.

Dany is perfect for this role because she's both interested in reclaiming her family's lost power and concerned for the well-being of everyone with whom she comes into contact. Well, everyone who isn't an asshole.

Take her actions at Astapor, which gained her the support of that city's Unsullied soldiers. Daenerys needed an army to move forward with her journey back to King's Landing, but, when she took over the city, she gave the Unsullied a choice of whether or not they wanted to stand behind her and fight. Considering they were bred into slavery their entire lives, this was a new concept to those guys, and it paid off: they all stayed and are now viciously faithful to Daenerys

Similarly, during the season three finale, Daenerys takes over the slave city of Yunkai in an effort to similarly free its imprisoned slaves. Though she is briefly worried that the slaves may have grown to like their chains, Daenerys is soon overwhelmed by thousands upon thousands of freed slaves lifting her in the air and chanting one single word in the Ghiscari language: "Mhysa," or, as Missandei translates, "mother."

There are still countless cities in the Seven Kingdoms oppressing their citizens in similar, or even worse, fashions. Daenerys is clearly the perfect person to take them all on to stop it from happening. Once more, she has dragons, and that's basically equal to a checkmate in chess—the end all, win all.

Arya could be the army's general, because she's resourceful, quick-thinking, and a great fighter:

Finally, we arrive at Arya Stark. The youngest of the group, Arya has been through the most trauma in her short life so far, and it's had some, uh, interesting influences effects. Namely, what we saw in last week's season premiere when she drove her sword, "Needle," through the neck of an asshole Lannister lackey without a shred of remorse and/or hesitation:


Yes, he deserved it, too.

It wasn't that action that really signifies she'd be perfect to head up the hypothetical army of this hypothetical/perfect GoT world ruled by Daenerys, Margaery, Sansa, and Arya. The confirmation actually comes from everything we've seen her do in the past two seasons. Arya has been more or less on the run for over two seasons now, since her father, Ned Stark, was publicly beheaded under the orders of King Joffrey for "treason." She had her hair chopped off to appear as if she were a pre-pubescent boy, and has been traveling under the radar ever since. She's been forced to grow up fast and to learn how to be resourceful and quick on her feet so that she doesn't, you know, end up like daddy.

Though Daenerys is adept and skilled in battle, Arya is actually the most experienced fighter and swords(wo)man out of the four. She also seems to enjoy combat and besting asshole dudes who underestimate her because she's a girl. If she and Daenerys were working together to free oppressed slaves and protect their Kingdom, they'd be unstoppable.

Plus, she's legitimately intimidating. I wouldn't mess with her. Would you?

Lastly, and this goes for Arya, Daenerys, Sansa and Margaery: none of them would do like Joffrey and hire two prostitutes to come to his castle and then kill them both like he's Patrick fucking Bateman. Thus, anything they'd do would make them better rulers than Joffrey is right now. They could make the court's musicians play the most annoying song in Westeros (or, say, Justin Bieber's "Baby") on loop for hours and they still wouldn't be as terrible as Joffrey.

Mic drop.

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