Officials say autopsies show twin brothers found dead in their Tennessee home last weekend actually died roughly three years ago. 

The Associated Press reports that the "skeletal remains" of 63-year-old Andrew and Anthony Johnson were discovered in their Chattanooga, Tenn. home on Saturday. According to the medical examiner, their condition indicates that they died sometime in 2011. 

Neighbors told police they had no idea anything was wrong because there was no odor emanating from the house, and the men were hermits. Chattanooga Police Sgt. Wayne Jefferson said that someone even continued to mow their lawn the entire time.

Police visited the home back in 2011 when family members grew concerned about their absence, but authorities said the house appeared to be vacant and a note inside of the mailbox said mail delivery ceased because the post office thought the men moved. Police didn't force their way into the home because there was nothing that indicated they needed to do so.

Still, the autopsy does not suggest the men died of anything other than natural causes, and investigators say neither of the men were mentally ill. 

[via Associated Press]