For the second year in a row Virgin America took the number one spot in performance for the annual Airline Quality Rating report.

Considering that there are only two to three airlines left that aren't a living hell when it comes to customer service, hidden fees, long lines, and absurdly-limited legroom, Virgin's big win (or JetBlue's second place finish) doesn't come as a particular surprise.

Down at the bottom of the list, it looks like American Eagle, SkyWest, ExpressJet, and United have some serious improving to do. The report also looked at overall on-time performance across airlines (down about three percent from last year) and on-time performance by individual carrier (Hawaiian Airlines took the top spot with 93.3 percent). 

Oddly missing from the list is Sun Country, whose only consolation to me after a recent 12 hour delay was a complementary hot dog. Check out the whole report here, and see the rankings below. 

1. Virgin America
2. JetBlue
3. Hawaiian
4. Delta
5. Alaska
6. Endeavor Air
7. US Airways
8. Southwest
9. American
10. AirTran
11. Frontier
12. United
13. ExpressJet
14. SkyWest
15. American Eagle

[via CNN]

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