Every time Creative Assembly puts out a new dev diary for the upcoming survival horror Alien: Isolation it seems like it's reason to get a little bit more excited. The latest discusses the notion of retaining the lo-fi aesthetic of Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece, which the team early on made a tenet of Isolation that they were not willing to break.

The result, as you can see, is an expanion of a universe of CRT and LCD displays, where useful tools like a motion tracker are only good for a tracking a few feet away from you and are so bulky you can't use a weapon at the same time. CA seems to hewi so closely to Scott's original source material that the future doesn't really look like the future at all – just like it did in the '70s. The team even recorded footage on VHS, then warping and destroying the tape itself as well as equipment to give the presentation that fuzzy look.

"This is a game that's set in the future, but based in the past,"  said Al Hope, CA's creative lead. "It's a place that we can really relate to, but it's also a world where technology won't save you."

If they nail the Alien's AI, this could really be something special. At the very least, the aesthetics look iike an experience all their own.

[Via Youtube