Reverend Al Sharpton is mostly known for his work as a minister, activist, and talk show host. But recently he has found himself in a questionable situation as reports of his former involvement with the FBI as a paid informant have surfaced.

The Smoking Gun broke news on Monday that claims that the reverend, whose classified alias was "CI-7", was pretty heavily involved with the FBI in the 80's. The report details his involvement with the Genovese organized crime family, recording conversations with a bugged briefcase that led to the arrest of several mob figures such as Dominick “Baldy Dom” Canterino and soldier Federico “Fritzy” Giovanelli. According to The Smoking Gun, The FBI flipped Sharpton after he was recorded conversing with a drug kingpin about cocaine. Al Sharpton has denied these claims... partially.

In an interview with The Daily News, Sharpton said that he reached out to authorities after receiving several threats from Joseph "Joe Bana” Beuonanno and other members of the Gambino crime family. Sharptonsays the threats were in reference to his attempts to dilute the mob's influence in the music industry, and create more jobs for African Americans. “If you’re a victim of a threat, you’re not an informant — you’re a victim trying to protect yourself," states the Reverend. He also stated that he did not have the cool ass spy briefcase or get paid, as The Smoking Gun has reported.

This all comes at a very bad time for Sharpton, as he is having his National Action Network convention in New York. The same convention that will host speeches from both Mayor De Blasio and President Barack Obama.