A man is suing a Washington state Mexican restaurant after allegedly cracking his tooth on a thumbtack that was inside of his mountain of nachos. 

The New York Daily News reports that 33-year-old Aaron Casey was dining at Azteca in Bellevue, Wash. back in Aug. 2012 when he bit down rather hard on a thumbtack which had reportedly fallen from a bulletin board above the area where the food was prepared. Casey spit it out immediately and showed it to employees, who apologetically offered to rectify the situation by comping his meal.

Casey had to have a root canal, and a cap placed on the tooth, but his attorney says he's been told he might lose it. In addition, Kirk Davis said the restaurant refuses to take responsibility for the incident. Casey is suing Azteca to cover his medical expenses, as well as the pain he's experienced. 

As of now, Azteca has declined comment on the matter.

[via New York Daily News]