This guy is the unsung hero of the teen drama. More likely than not, he won't be a central character. He may not even come back after the pilot. But, you'd better believe that he is good at sports and is a total douchebag.

In One Tree Hill, this character is a major focus. This is quite rare; usually you get a version of the character like the one in The O.C., a flatly drawn, unrepentant douche. The briefest use of this character in teen drama pilot history is in the Dawson's Creek pilot. Dawson catches Jen talking to a football player, and she says something like, "Oh, don't worry about him, he's just a symbol of your inferior social class."

Also, this guy is often very rapey; in fact, in Gossip Girl, this character literally attempts rape in the first episode, which is one way to set the tone.