A solid gym selfie is a vital piece of your online pictorial portfolio. If you meet a stranger at the bar who you would like to become less of a stranger, remember they can quickly find a picture of you at your sweatiest and sexiest with a couple clicks. The gym selfie isn’t quite a vain as, say, the beach selfie or the shirtless-in-the-bathroom-mirror selfie, but serves the same purpose. The gym selfie allows you to show off your body without looking like a wannabe amateur model douchebag.

With all of these people working out (and pretending to work out all around you), there are myriad ways that you can screw up your selfie. It’s going to be a challenge, don’t get us wrong. You are going to have to persevere through several photobombs and unflattering angles before you land on the perfect profile pic. Stay strong: once you hit the perfect angle where you can see that vein in your left forearm and it almost looks like you have a six-pack, it was worth it. Here are 15 Things To Avoid While Taking That Gym Selfie.

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