According to authorities, four fourth-graders were caught buying and selling marijuana in Colorado the day after 4/20

CNN reports that the a 10-year-old sold a bag of weed to three classmates for $11 at Monfort Elementary School Principal in Greeley, Colo. on Monday. How'd he he get access to the weed? He stole it from his grandparents' stash. One of his customers didn't have enough cash, so he bartered a marijuana-infused candy bar that he had also taken from his grandparents. 

The alleged drug deal was witnessed by another student, who informed an adult after watching one of the children eat some of the candy bar. 

Principal Jennifer Sheldon sent a letter home with students asking adults to be more responsible. "We urge all parents, grandparents and anyone who cares for children to treat marijuana as you would prescription drugs, alcohol or even firearms, she wrote. "This drug is potentially lethal to children, and should always be kept under lock and key, away from young people."

The students will face disciplinary action, but not expulsion.

Anyone waiting to say "I told you so" or quick to blame this incident on the state's legalization of recreational marijuana should have a seat. The issue isn't with the state—it's with the adults. Smoke as much weed as you like, but be responsible about it.

[via CNN]

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