Remember college when it seemed viable to give a shit about things other than yourself? L.A. is a ninja assassin for those kinds of inclinations. Recycling? Don’t they sift through it all anyway? Pollution? What difference does one more Maserati make? Earnest, professionally-useless relationships? Those are for boring people. It’s easy to excuse yourself into the slippery slope toward soullessness. So tap those bygone days of high self-expectations and resist the urge to buy a case of bottled water when you can just rinse out your old Nalgene instead. And remember, volunteering is still legal in L.A. Just because most people don’t, doesn’t mean it isn’t a great thing to do. These standards go for social graces as well. Just because half the people who RSVP’d won’t show up to the average L.A. party doesn’t mean you too should give into the dark forces of flakiness. Keep your word, or call to cancel, and then enjoy the sweet relief of flaking, soul fully intact.