The rate at which Americans are inundated with media and image—15.5 hours a day per person by next year—is enough to make a Nebraskan tween a discerning consumer of entertainment. When added to the ownership Angelinos take over the media their peers create, a potent and prevalent strain of haterdom is born. Never let your passion for entertainment hinder your ability to enjoy it. No one wants to hear you quibble about Frozen’s second act slump before you’ve returned your 3D glasses. Surrender yourself to whatever you’re watching before you decide to pick it apart like the well-fed culture vulture you were bred to be. And whatever your drug of choice may be (TV, film, YouTube) don’t forget to go see a live performance every once in awhile. L.A. has some of the best stand-up, improv, theater and music in the world. HBO GO will probably still work when you get home.