In perhaps the most shocking culinary news of the year, NBC New York reports that Thomas Keller's three Michelin star restaurant Per Se has received seven sanitary violations — enough to sustain a "C" sanitary inspection grade from the New York Health Department if it doesn't get its act together. 

Considering that some of the world's best taco shacks and burger joints also have a "C," this could be seen as a compliment. Then again, it's unlikely that the culinary elite paying $310 dollars a head for dinner (without wine) will see it that way.

According to NBC, problems include the lack of a hand-washing station or soap near the food prep area, hot and cold food not being stored at proper temperatures, and dirty wiping cloths. The health inspector rating works off of a scale: An "A" is given for 0 to 13 points, a "B" for 14 to 27, and a "C" for 28 or more infractions. Per Se's seven violations added up to 42 points on the scale. 

Instead of accepting its rating, Per Se has opted for a Grade Pending sign while it contests the decision. Another take away: If your favorite restaurant also has a Grade Pending, that likely means it's challenging a grade as well. But at least a "C" is passing, right? 

 [via NBC New York]

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