Year released: 1998
Developer: EA Canada 

The third installment of the Need For Speed series was nothing short of exceptional. EA took the police pursuit it introduced in the original game and took it a step further by allowing players to either outrun the cops as a racer or attempt to arrest racers as part of the police force. Quality graphics and addictive gameplay aside, Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit upped the ante by introducing a wider range of supercars, as well as the ability to allow players to download additional cars from its website.

While the crisp gameplay and fast frame rate were the strong points, there were a few details that the title lacked. For instance, the dashboard didn't light up at night, cars never got damaged and there was no use of windshield wipers during rain. Still, NFS III: Hot Pursuit managed to appeal to the masses-not to mention it brought a real taste of racing to PC gamers that was generally exclusive to arcade racing games at the time.