The fine people over at Kotaku uncovered something great this morning: drunk Scorpion. That is, Drunk Scorpion in old, classic paintings. The GIFs come from Tumblr user szarvas.

In this GIF, Scorpion clearly downs a couple of shots of Patrón before losing his balance in the middle of Mihály Munkácsy's 1893 painting, "Conquest".

In this masterpiece, we imagine Scorpion downed one too many long island iced teas before treating this table like a dance floor. This isn't the club, Scorpion. It's Simon Hollosy's "In The Tavern," and you're getting your feet on that poor woman's table.

For another GIF, check out the article on Kotaku, as well as szarvas on Tumblr

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[via Kotaku, szarvas