A man was shot and killed in the Bronx over the weekend during a fight with a group of men who insulted his mother's singing. 

The New York Post reports that 24-year-old Tony Burgess was killed on Sunday night inside of the building where he lived with his younger brothers and mother. His mother, Verbena Burgess, was in front of the building singing Chris Brown's "Take You Down" when men across the street began throwing bottles and paper at her, yelling for her "shut the f*** up."

After threatening to call 911, Burgess rang the bell to her apartment, and her sons came outside to confront the men. Tony Burgess was shot in the head during the ensuing struggle in the building's lobby and was later pronounced dead at Lincoln Hospital. One of his brothers, Shaquille, described the incident to the Post:

I was in the basement in the back with my little brother fighting one of the guys and my big brother was with two other people, fighting two guys, and one of the guys came in with the gun and he shot as my big brother was going up the stairs.

The Post adds that no arrests have been made. 

[via New York Post]