The Heart Machine, starring John Gallagher Jr. and Kate Lyn Sheil, tells the story of a guy who suspects his girlfriend, whom he met online, has actually been living in the same city as him. Thus, sending him on a hunt around New York City to confirm his sneaking suspicion.

Amongst many things, the film brings up a very important point: Online dating is quickly becoming a norm in society. But how do you master something like online dating, when it's got such an intricate set of flaws?

In an effort to find out, as well as get some tips on proper online dating etiquette, Complex Pop Culture editor Tara Aquino sat down with the few who now know it best at Austin's SXSW festival: Gallagher, Sheil and director Zachary Wigon

Check out the clip above to learn the how to spit game online without being a creep. Kind of.

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