Microsoft as opened up the pearly gates of the world-building beta for Project Spark, a game that lets users build their own worlds and levels with a ridiculously powerful set of creation tools. Even Xbox One users who do not have an Xbox Gold subscription can still check it out.

The Xbox One beta includes access to any games created in the Windows 8.1 beta which has been live since December of last year. Users will be able to create across multiple platforms, including Windows, Xbox One and eventually an Xbox 360 version set to drop later this year. No beta is expected for Xbox 360 users.

If you've already signed up for the beta key you may have to exit the queue to get access. "In some cases, users that were already in the beta key queue may need to click the 'Request Beta Key' button, then exit and relaunch the game to get in for the first time," says Major Nelson

Check out the sampling of levels in the above video and a quick start guide to playing below:

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[via Major Nelson]