Sony dropped a virtual reality bombshell last night when it unveiled its own VR headset called Project Morpheus which aims to take players deep down the PlayStation 4 rabbit hole.

While the headset looks much like Oculus VR's Oculus Rift for PCs the Sony version is very slick indeed. It works seamlessly with the PlayStation 4 and move controllers and if you're at the Game Developers Conference it already has versions of God of War, EVE Valkyrie (recently announced as a Oculus Rift launch title) and Thief available for play in VR.


Here's a look at the sexy specs:

Screen: 5-inch, 1080p, 1000Hz LCD panel
Field of view: 90 degrees
Full head tracking
3D audio support
Experience can be mirrored on the TV for asymmetric gameplay (other people can watch you play)
Supports forward prediction
On-board headphone jacks
No weight paced on nose or cheeks

Just yesterday the Wall Street Journal leaked info that Microsoft has its own virtual reality project in the pipe for the Xbox One. Stay tuned for video and details as they drop.

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[via Uproxx]