After Ellen broke Twitter on Sunday night with her Oscar selfie, one Texas man named Terry Shipman went on his own quest to beat her record.

Yet Terry had a long way to go. While Ellen has her own show during daytime, and was hosting the Oscars in front of millions, Terry barely had any followers, or even tweeted. Seriously. He only signed up on Twitter because Fox News mentioned that people could tweet to them.

These are his only tweets pre-Oscars:

So, Terry uploaded a selfie with two of his dogs, with the caption, "Let's see if we can beat the Oscar re-tweets!" and the Twittersphere did the rest.

For whatever reason, this photo started to pick up steam, and currently has more than 66,000 retweets. That's insane! An official The Simpsons Twitter account for Homer Simpson also tried beating the record, and couldn't even get more than 25,000 retweets.

But even his new found fame won't keep him tweeting. "I get lots of e-mails, text messages relating to business," Terry said, "and I don't think I need to go tweeting all the time."

[via Mashable]