The Walking Dead may get the biggest audience and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. may get the mainstream press, but no one is doing comic book television better than The CW’s Arrow. With characters you actually want to root for and plots that make watching a pleasure, not a chore, Arrow is what every comic drama should strive to be. It’s respectful of the source material, but it has carved its own niche, which is even sometimes an improvement on the books in some cases.

While the first season was a surprise hit, season two has been a revelation. New characters, more intimate drama, and some beefed up production values have all made the show seem more like a movie than a CW series. If you need more convincing to start watching, or are a hardcore fan looking for your fix, this new trailer for the rest of the season that star Stephen Amell posted on Facebook should do the trick:

With the formation of the Suicide Squad and the reemergence of Deathstroke, the rest of Arrow’s second season should be geek nirvana for longtime comic book fans.

[Facebook via Newsarama]