Singer song writer Neil Young unveiled his very own digital music device called the PonoPlayer. His mission is to "restore the soul of music" by bringing a high-quality product to passionate music consumers, he says. The PonoPlayer will cost $399 and come with 128GB of memory. Pre-orders begin March 15 through Kickstarter.

Developed in collaboration with Ayre Acoustics, the PonoPlayer is made with zero-feedback circuitry and can store up to 500 high-resolution digital albums. Memory cards will also be available for additional storage.

"Hearing Pono for the first time is like that first blast of daylight when you leave a movie theatre on a sun-filled day," says Young. 

Lucky SXSW goers will be the first to listen on Tuesday, March 11 during the SXSW 2014 Music Conference.

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[via Pitchfork]