A man was arrested in Brooklyn on Monday for allegedly beating his elderly mother with her own cane. 

The New York Daily News reports that Mark Farrell, 64, stands accused of striking his 94-year-old mother, Dorothy, with the cane. Police were summoned to their Marine Park apartment Monday morning, where the woman was discovered on the floor bleeding from multiple cuts. 

Farrell told police that he had tried to kill his mother, but only because it's what she had asked him to do. A police source told the Daily News that Farrell said his mother wanted to "be with her dead husband" again. Furthermore, Farrell admitted to covering his mother's face with a pillow to quiet her as he struck her with the cane. 

The woman was taken to Kings County Hospital with multiple fractures to her face and skull, as well as two broken ribs and three broken fingers. Farrell was charged with attempted murder. 

[via New York Daily News]