Over the years, this great country has been absolutely destroyed by Hollywood. No, not by the obsession with celebrityactually destroyed in theaters and on film

This map, created by The Concourse, shows the 189 attacks that have hit some part on the U.S. in movies over time. To make the map as easy to create (and read) as possible, parameters were set:

This is not an exhaustive list.

We tried to limit our selections to movies where the disaster happened during the course of the movie (no purely post-apocalyptic flicks), and the disaster in question threatened more than just a few stragglers (Jaws counts, Deep Blue Sea doesn't). That second requirement produced a lot of borderline cases.

A lot of disaster movies are set in fictional or undefined locations; for those, we tried to find an approximate real-world place (based on geographic cues, or location of filming).

We didn't have space to fit Alaska and Hawaii on the map, but the five disaster movies we found for them are included in the tables.

Categorizing the incidents by monster attacks, creature attacks, climactic events, geologic events, infections, mankind, "space rocks," alien attacks superhero battles and Sharknado-like incidents, they effectively broke the destruction of the U.S. all the way down (get the full breakdown here). As you'd expect, New York and Los Angeles suffer the most and worst.

Long live the disaster flick...and Sharknado.

[via The Concourse]