Police in Pennsylvania arrested a woman on Friday night for trying to chop her husband's penis off with a box cutter.

The Smoking Gun reports that 39-year-old Lisa Jones-Orock assaulted her husband, 56-year-old Gerald Orock, inside of their New Castle apartment. Police arrived to find the man bleeding from what investigators described as defensive wounds to his hands and arms. 

Police also noted that crotch area of his pants had been cut open. Orock explained that his wife attempted to cut his penis off with a knife, though Jones-Orock alleged that he, in fact, had attacker her with the weapon.

Authorities seized a box cutter and charged Jones-Orock with aggravated assault. She's being held at the Lawrence County Prison, along with her husband who police later learned had violated a protective order prohibiting him from making contact with her. 

[via The Smoking Gun]