The de Blasios were one of New York City's most fascinating families long before Bill was elected mayor. (If you're waiting for an "interracial family" reference, it isn't coming.) Whether it's Bill's height, Dante's afro, Chirlane's quiet strength or Chiara's mystique, people can't get enough of them.

As soon as Bill was sworn in as a mayor, his every move dominated headlines. From the way he managed snow days, to him fumbling a groundhog and yes, the infamous pizza foul, Bill de Blasio has been a riveting figure in New York City. Considering that his first quarter as New York's 109th mayor is almost complete, this microscopic documentation of him and his family had to be anticipated, but who knew it would be this intense?

Because people are just so enthralled by their very existence, City Guide put the spotlight on the de Blasio family in a non-intrusive manner, examining some of their more humorous recent exploits through Keeping up with the de Blasios. Bill is the obvious focal point because he sits on the city's iron throne, but the rest of the family can be just as entertaining. The de Blasios are an intriguing bunch, and they're less annoying than the Kardasian clan, which instantly makes them more likeable.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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