Director and screenwriter of the upcoming Jurassic World movieColin Trevorrow, gave an update on the status of the film, and this time, it was sort of a sad one: Apparently, none of the cast members from the original movies will be in Jurassic World, except for one.

Trevorrow told IGN that the only exception he's making will be BD Wong, who will return as Dr. Henry Wu.

“He had a much larger role in the original novel, he was the engineer of this breakthrough in de-extinction," Trevorrow says. "He spent two decades living in Hammond’s shadow, underappreciated. We think there’s more to his story.”

Trevorrow's reasoning behind the choice of leaving the original characters out is because he feels the movie would be too contrived. Instead, Chris Pratt will serve as the movie's major protagonist. 

“He’s a classic hero in a very modern context,” Trevorrow says. “He’s the guy who will get you through the jungle alive – but like Malcolm, Grant and Sattler, he’s an expert in a scientific field that’s connected to our story.” 

Jurassic World stars Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Irrfan Khan, Jake johnson, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins and hits theaters June 12, 2015.

[via Total Film]