While Samsung and Pebble are the clear kings of the smartwatch right now, Apple's highly anticipated (but not yet announced) iWatch is likely on its way. 

But where is it? No one outside of Apple knows. How will it look like? No one knows that, either. So, all we have for now are concept designs from artists around the world who are giving the iWatch designs the spin they deserve. So far, Tomas Moyano has come up with what may possibly be the best concept yet. 

It looks very similar to a traditional watch, and incorporates features that work fluidly with the design, like vibration and solar charging.

Another traditional smartwatch design comes courtesy of designer Gábor Balogh. Though it's not necessarily an Apple iWatch concept, it's something companies can learn from. 

Which one do you prefer?

[via The Verge and Mac Rumors]